2024 Vendors and Exhibitors


Hobby Bunker Inc.

Julie Abraham, Treefrog Treasures Military Miniatures

John Atherton, FormTech / Atherton Scenics Plus

Gary Aschenbrenner

Robert Bailey

Joe Baker, The Playset Addict

Ron Barzso, Barzso Playsets

Fran├žois Beaumont, La Boite de Soldats

Will Beierwaltes

Phil Bennet, Lord Tankerville’s Knights

Rick Berry, Michigan Toy Soldier & Figure Co.

Joe Berton

Dmitri Bespalov

Ric Bracamontes, Co. B

Philippe Bultez, Figurines and Collections

Scott Canady

Dave Carpenter, Toy Man 106

Rod Chapman

Ken Ciak, Jr., LOD Enterprises

The Cooks, MicShaun’s Closet

Steve Connell, Connell’s Military Miniatures

Star Curley, Star Collectables

Doug Dearth, DearthCo

Ted Deddens, TedToy

Jack Eagan

Rick Eber, Rick Eber’s Quality Playsets

Rich Egan

Sandor Farkas

Nate Fogt, Nate’s Garage

Dennis Fontana

Gibert Freber, Collectors Group FAS Germany

The Garfields, Faded Glories

John Graham

Joseph Grandolfo

William Graver, Counterpane Gallery

Matthew Murphy, Hobby Bunker, Inc

Michael and Myszka Hall, Sierra Toy Soldier Company

Steve Ham

Michael Hansen

Ray Haradin, Old Toy Soldier Auctions / Magazine

Len Hardt, Father and Son Toys

Ralph Haug

Bryan Headley

Hans Hedrich

Robert Hornung, Hornung Art

HGMS Midwest

Thor Johnson, AeroArt International – St. Petersburg Collection

Verne Johnson

Dan Jones

Michael Jones

Rusty and Kathy Kern, Playset Magazine

Eric Koopmeiners*

Mike Kutnick, Kutnick Kollectibles

Kirk Larson, Red Arrow Toys

Frank Leo

Gary Linden

Rick Lipp

Michael Lonigro, Old Boys Toys

Larry Lovely

Keith Maladra, Old Toy Detective

Michael Martello, J & K Toy Soldiers

Gary Miller, MillerFigs

Bill Moore, King & Country

Scott Morlan

Merrill and Sheri Morris

Michael Nash, Hand Held Heroes

Pat Nicholson, The Warren Lines

Peter Nussbaum*

Ken and Ericka Osen, W. Britain and Hudson and Allen Studio

Ben Pauley, SoldierCollectibles

Linda Pielin

Al Piper

Ed Poole, Ed’s Toys and Author, Swords and Roses

Gary Powell, Mongo Models

David L. Redding

Bruce Redenour, Fort Massac Toy Soldiers

Janet Reynolds

Joseph Saine, Joseph Saine Toy Soldiers

John Sanheim, Sanheim’s Flags

Costan Spina*

Michael Sreckov, Warring Warbirds, Inc

Ricky Thomas, Adventure Games + Hobbies

Joe Wallis

Frank Way, Trains and Toy Soldiers

Anthony Weber, Ed Weber Estate

Gary Wendeln, G.W. Military Miniatures

Thomas Wiberg

Jack Young, Jack’s Toys

Mark Young, The French Connection

Benjamin Zerbib and Helen Bourch, Atelier et Collections

Richard Zunica

Check back regularly, vendors still being added!

Table assignments for the 2024 Show are already in progress. Limited Sunday Show tables may still be available. Contact Matthew Murphy ([email protected]) for last-minute vendor opportunities at the 2024 Chicago Toy Soldier Show

Those vendors with an asterisk (*) may not have a table at the Sunday Show.

Updated 9/07/2023