CTSS 2019 Online Vendor Contract


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Terms of Contract
Instructions for Completing Contract


ITEMS FOR SALE OR TRADE: Collectors and vendors are asked to limit their offerings to toy soldiers and related items, both military and civilian. Collectors are encouraged to display items that are not for sale or trade; no awards will be given for displays.

VENDORS AND HELPERS: A limit of two persons is set for each contract: the vendor and one helper/partner. This rule is strictly enforced. We need both names for each table contract.

TAXES: Vendors assume their own liability for paying Illinois sales tax; CTSS will supply coupons from the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) in each Show registration packet that is distributed at the Show.

LIABILITY: By filling in and returning this form, the undersigned vendor hereby contracts for table space at the 39th Annual Chicago Toy Soldier Show (CTSS) and agrees to release CTSS, Inc. and its shareholders from any damage or loss and from all liability for personal injury to the undersigned, to his associates, or to any sale merchandise. The contractor also indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless both CTSS, Inc. and the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg and the legal entities that own, lease, and/or operate the hotel, their members, officers, directors, and employees against any or all damage to property or personal injury caused by exhibitor or agents, representatives, employees, or any other person.

ROOM TRADING AND DISPLAY: All vendors trading and displaying in their hotel room must be under contract with CTSS, Inc. If not, the vendor will not be included under the CTSS, Inc. sales permit with the Village of Schaumburg retail license.

You may rent tables from the Hyatt to use for displaying items in your room(s). Rental of in-room tables for display and trading must be requested on your contract (See item #17) The cost is $10 per 6′ X 18″ table. Tablecloths will be provided by the Hyatt on a first come, first served basis. In-room table rental fees will be posted to your guest room.


  • Full Table: $85 – Show tables are 6 feet long and 30 inches wide. Each full table includes early admission to theSunday Show for the vendor and one helper/partner. This option includes the option to trade and display inyour hotel room prior to the Show at no additional cost.
  • Room Trading and Display: $85 – For vendors who wish to trade and display in their hotel rooms but not take atable at the Sunday Show. This option includes two early admissions to the Sunday Show.
  • Early Admission Sunday Show: $30 – Allows entrance to the Sunday Show during vendor setup (7 am – 10 am).CANCELLATION POLICY:
    • On or before August 5th, 2019 – Full Refund
    • On or before September 6th, 2019 – 50% Refund
    • No refunds after September 6th, 2019.

WEAPONS: ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS, including reproduction and antiques, are allowed at the Show. Vendors must render any edged weapons safe for display. Remember: Children are present!

CTSS, INC. HAS FINAL DECISION: Chicago Toy Soldier Show, Inc. is a privately held, family-owned, S Corporation. CTSS owners reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding room and table assignments, display content, and all factors pertaining to management of the Show.


ITEM 1: If you are selling merchandise during the Show, check “YES.” A list of those who checked “YES” will be sent to the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR).

ITEMS 2 – 10: Any/all of this information will be sent to IDOR (upon IDOR request) for those vendors who checked “YES” in Box 1.

ITEM 11 (A, B, or C): Please mark one option, only, and for 10A or 10C, indicate the quantity requested.

ITEM 12: Each contract entitles two adults to participate: the vendor and one other person. The other person can be a table helper or a table partner. CTSS requires a name for this helper/partner to create a badge.

ITEM 13: Please total your requirements and enter payment amount here. Our payment policy is:

  • Vendors requesting 1-2 tables – Full payment due with contract
  • Vendors requesting 3+ tables – 50% payment due with contract, balance paid at Show

Non-U.S. vendors may pay the full balance at the Show

ITEM 14: You will need to make your Hyatt reservations. Please use either the phone options, or this Hyatt link.

NOTE: If you need to change your room reservation, please contact the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg In-House Reservation Manager directly at 847-517-6914. DO NOT use the general Hyatt 1-800 number or online web link to make adjustments to your room reservation.

ITEM 15: When the Hyatt informs CTSS of your reservation, CTSS will assign your room. Let CTSS know if you want the same room you had last year. We have your previous room number in our database.

ITEM 16: If you check “YES,” your name will appear in the room/vendor list available in the 4th- and 5th-floor lobbies.

ITEM 17: Indicate the number of in-room display tables you are requesting. In-room display tables are 6’ x 18”. Maximum 2 tables per king/double room. In-room display tables include tablecloths, on a first come, first served basis.

ITEM 18: If you check “YES,” your name and trade name (if applicable) will appear on the 2019 Vendors list posted online at www.chicagotoysoldiershow.com. If you would like us to publish a link to your website, please list the web address on the line provided.


Retain this sheet of contract terms and instructions for your reference. Your contract signature and participation acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these contract terms and instructions.
For specific room and table requests to be considered, CTSS, Inc. must have your signed contract by July 5th, 2019.

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Item 11 (A, B, or C): Please mark one option only.




ACCOMMODATIONS: The Hyatt Regency Schaumburg is holding a block of rooms for those attending. The hotel offers a special rate for Show attendees: $121 per night. This rate applies to rooms with two double beds and to rooms with one king bed. To ensure placement at the Show rate and with fellow collectors, the hotel must receive reservations by August 24, 2019. Guests may call the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg directly at 847-605-1234. Reservations may also be made by calling the general reservations number for Hyatt Hotels at 877-803-7534. Please give the reservations agent group code “G-CTS9” in order to be placed in the Chicago Toy Soldier Show group block and to receive our Show rate. Anyone who has reserved a room and has to cancel should call Roger Garfield so he can put another vendor in that room at the Show rate. This can be done right up to the week of the Show.
Some people arrive for this Show as early as Wednesday, but many come on Friday and stay through Sunday. There is a great deal of room socializing and trading, and CTSS, Inc. will host a hospitality event late Saturday afternoon. The Hyatt has a fine restaurant, pool, and exercise room, and is located across from Woodfield Shopping Mall. The hotel runs a shuttle to the mall throughout the day.

HOURS: The Show is open to the public from l0 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. People expect to see a full Show. If you cannot remain set up until 3:30, please tell Roger Garfield in advance.

SETUP: Vendors can begin to set up at 6:00 a.m. (NO EARLIER) Sunday. Only vendors, helpers, and those with floor rights will be allowed in the Show rooms before the public is admitted at 10 a.m. Vendors will find Show badges and table numbers in their registration packets. Table covers are provided for all tables. Lighting in the rooms is excellent, but if you have special requirements, please specify these when submitting your Show contract. All merchandise for display or sale must be on or under the tables provided. Aisles must be kept clear.

RATES AND RULES: All Show tables are 6 feet long and 30 inches wide and rent for $85 each. The Early Admission Sunday Show contract option is $30, for those who wish to be allowed to participate during Sunday morning setup from 7 to l0 a.m. Those who wish to sell out of their rooms but not take a table for the Show must fill out a contract for Room Trading and Display and pay $85. Vendors are asked to limit their merchandise to toy soldiers and related items, both military and civilian. See separate sheet for Hyatt hotel’s guidelines.

HELPERS: Each full reservation admits two adults—the vendor and one helper/partner—regardless of how many total tables have been reserved. No vendor may bring extra persons other than children under 16. (It is not necessary to record the children’s names.) Please follow this rule because space is limited and unregistered people will be asked to leave. Please list your one helper/partner on the Show contract, and if you need to change this before the Show, notify Roger Garfield as soon as possible.

FOOD ON SUNDAY: For those who wish to remain at their tables during the Show, a box lunch will be available; an order form will be in the vendor registration packet. Orders will be charged to vendors’ Hyatt room bill, and must be turned in by Friday, September 20th at noon. There is also a large, informal restaurant at the Hyatt open throughout the day.

SHIPPING: Shipping/packing services will be provided on the day of the Show. NOTE: Vendors may ship packages to the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. The Hyatt will apply a charge of $5 per box and $75 per pallet, for items received on behalf of guests. These fees are Hyatt charges, not CTSS’s. For more information, contact Roger Garfield at (847) 567-5355, roger@chicagotoysoldiershow.com, or visit the “For Vendors” section of our website at www.ChicagoToySoldierShow.com

ADDITIONAL SHOW INFORMATION: For table contracts and account questions, please contact Gillian Garfield at (818) 850-3238 or gillian@chicagotoysoldiershow.com. For table and room assignment questions, please contact Roger Garfield at (847) 567-5355 or roger@chicagotoysoldiershow.com

DIRECTIONS: The Hyatt Regency Schaumburg is located at 1800 Golf Road in Schaumburg, Illinois, near the intersection of I-90 and Ill. 53 (290 extension). Route 355 northbound also ends at the 290 extension.
Please Note: The O’Hare Hyatt is not the same as the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. Be sure to clarify for transportation provider.


  • The Hyatt provides an 8-1/2”x11” vertical clear plastic door hanger sign for your room; CTSS supplies the cards to fit this format. (Fire regulations prohibit hallway signs or displays.)
  • CTSS posts large floor plans and dealer room lists on the 4th and 5th floor elevator lobbies. Tables for vendors to place advertisements are also available in these same lobbies. Individual copies of the floor plan will also be available.


  • Room doors may be open from Thursday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.; before Thursday, please use the deadbolt to prop your door ajar.
  • Room furniture may not be moved into the hall or rearranged in your room.
  • You may rent tables from the Hyatt to use for displaying items in your room(s). Rental of in-room tables for display and trading must be requested on your contract (See contract item #17). The cost is $10 per 6′ X 18″ table. In-room table rental fees will be charged to your guest room bill. Tablecloths will be provided by the Hyatt Hotel on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be precise in indicating the number of in-room tables needed. The Hyatt rents these tables for our use and manages the rental inventory closely to contain costs; providing the Hyatt an accurate count of in-room tables needed is one way that CTSS keeps Hyatt room rates low.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage to their rooms. Displays that could damage walls or furniture are not allowed. Please check your room when you first take occupancy, and immediately report any existing damage or problem with your room to the hotel staff.

NO SMOKING in Hyatt rooms or in the exhibit areas.