2017 Vendors

Patrick Adams, British Toy Soldier Company

Stefano Allorini, Saimex Toys

Paul Amody, Hand Held Warriors

Gary Aschenbrenner*

Nicolas Aulnette, A’ Toy Soldiers Regiment

Walter Badusche

Ron Barzso, Barzso Playsets, Inc.

Fred Bauer

Will Beierwaltes

Phil Bennett, Lord Tankerville’s Knights

Rick Berry, Michigan Toy Soldier Co.

Joe Berton

Dave Bordner, Soldier of Fortune / Warren Lines

Tony Borges, Heyde Hunters

Ed Borris, TSSD Midwest Dist.

Ric Bracamontes, Company B

Lloyd Bradley, Gearsdown

Ronald Cadieux

Nicholas Cameron, Crown Military Miniatures

Gary Cannon, Cannon/Trowbridge

Mark Cannon, Cannon Collectibles

Dave Carpenter, Toy Man

Forest Christenot, Drum Corps Miniatures, Inc.

Ken Ciak, Jr., LOD Enterprises

Jim Clouse, BattleBoards

Steve Connell, Connell’s Toy Soldiers

Peter Cowan

Star Curley, Star Collectables

Douglas Dearth, DearthCo

Ted Deddens, TedToy Miniatures

Jack Dilallo*

Ana Donzino, Beau Geste

John Drown, Studio Miniatures

Roger Dubois, Dimestore Conversions

Jack Eagan

Rick Eber, Rick Eber’s Quality Playsets

Ron Eccles, Eccles Bros Ltd.

Rich Egan

Ruben Flores, AF Dioramas

Dennis Fontana, Sentry Box

Allan Ford, Brandywine Toy Soldiers

The Frazier History Museum

Gisbert Freber, FAS

Pat Gallagher, Captain Gallagher

Marc Gaynes, Fort Dearborn Collectibles

Frederic Genard, Toysoldiers Paris

Ken Glennon, J.H. Miller

John Graham

Joe Grandolfo

Bill Graver, Counterpane Gallery

Gary Green, Warstore Collectibiles

Edward Gries, Relic Golden Amusements

James Grimes, A Tin Hut

George Guerriero, Minutemen Toy Soldiers

Joe Hail, Nickel 98 Plastics*

Rick Hakala

Mike and Myszka Hall, Sierra Toy Soldier Co.

Steven Ham

Mike Handley and Dave Pitman

Ray Haradin, Old Toy Soldier

Len Hardt, Father and Son Toys*

Bryan Headley, Republic Miniatures

The History Store

Bill Hocker, William Hocker Toys

Mike Holverson, Fort Dearborn Collectibles

Bob Hornung, Hornung Art

Jeff Imel, VictoryBuy, Inc

Thor Johnson, The St. Petersburg Collection

Verne Johnson

Joe Johnson

Daniel Jones

Michael Jones

Christian Keller, Keller Enterprises

Rick Keller, Midwest Toy Soldier Group

Rusty Kern, Playset Magazine

Kent Kline

Conrad Koller, Colonel’s Collection

Eric Koopmeiners*

Carolyn Kurkowski

Mike Kutnick, TSSD Midwest Dist. / Kutnick Kollectibles

Woody Lambirth, WestCoaster

Xavier Lara, 1st Cavalier Toy Soldiers

Kirk Larson*

Frank Leo

Brian Levy, The Collectors Showcase

Philippe Ligeard, Lancredore

Gary Linden

Michael Lonigro, J & M Toys and Trains

Larry Lovely*

Cal Luckett

Michael Luteran

Keith Maladra

Michael Martello, J & K Toy Soldiers

Tono Marti, Alymer

Michael Mattimore, Moorefield Miniatures

Gary McKowen

Jeff Mesarich*

Ben Michel

Gary Miller, MillerFigs

Jerry Miller, Timeless Toys and Collectables

Andy Moffatt, Andy’s Tanks and Soldiers

Bill Moore, King & Country

Barry Moorefield

Joe Morehouse*

Scott Morlan, Scotoyz

Murry Morose*

Merrill Morris

Bill Murphy, Marx Playset Co.

Matthew Murphy, Hobby Bunker Inc.

Todd Nace, Play Alone Toys

Larry Nahigian

Andy Neilson, King & Country

Robert Nelson, Toy Soldiers of Texas

Pat Nicholson, The Warren Lines

Michael Niksic, 1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot

Peter Nussbaum*

Michael O’Donnell, Nostalgia Toys

Ken and Ericka Osen, W. Britain / Art of Don Troiani

Ben Pauley, SoldierCollectibles

Dick Pielin, Pielin Bros. Emporium

Don Pielin, Pielin Bros. Emporium

Calvin Plowman

Ed K. Poole, Ed’s Toys

Gerard Prime, Frontline Figures

Mary Proietti, Proietti, LTD

Ron Race

Bruce Redenour, Fort Massac Toy Soldiers

Joe Remson, Remson’s LLC

Peter Reuss, Treefrog Treasures

Janet Reynolds, Donald L. Hall

Bill Richardson

Norman Rodriguez, Memphis Toy Soldier, LLC

Gene Ruth

Joseph Saine, Joseph Saine Toy Soldiers

Russ Salberg, Carthage Miniatures

John Sanheim, Sanheim’s Flags

Scott Schleh

Brian Schott, Basement Battlefronts

Rich Selong, Rich’s Toy Soldiers

Judy Shapiro, Medallion Miniatures

Mike Shore, Boardwalk Hobby Shop

Larry Simons, March Through Times

Steve and Jo Sommers, Children’s Things

Michael Sreckov, Warring Warbirds, Inc*

Mason Steinberg*

John Stengel, Jr., The Marx Man

Kole Sterling

Penelope Suess, Ponylope Plastic Horses and More

Ricky Thomas, Adventure Games and Hobbies

Bill Thornton, Imaginary Line, Inc.

Buzz Thorpe, Hiriart Toy Soldiers

Francis Turner, Marx Toy Connection

Jack Updyke, MINIMEN: History in Metal

Nick and DeAnna Versteeg, Toy Soldiers of San Diego

Ralph Waespe, Ralph’s Hobbies

Richard Walker, History Works

Joe Wallis

Frank Way, Trains and Toy Soldiers

Bill Weaver

Anthony Weber, Estate of Edward Weber

Larry Weindorf, For the Historian, Books and Miniatures

Gary Wendeln, G.W. Military Miniatures

Steve Weston, Steve Weston’s Toy Soldiers

Shi Yong, Figarti

Jack Young, Jack’s Toys

Mark Young, Ancients and Aliens

Rick Zunica

Those vendors with an asterisk (*) may not have a table at the Sunday Show.

For information about becoming a vendor at the 2017 Chicago Toy Soldier Show, click HERE