Chicago Toy Soldier Show

Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2016

Welcome. We are proud and honored to carry on the 36-year tradition of the Chicago Toy Soldier Show.

Roger partnered with Don Pielin, Joe Wallis, and Steve and JoEllen Sommers, in founding the Old Toy Soldier Newsletter, which then created the first Show in 1981. Roger left OTSN, Inc., the owner of the magazine and Show, when he retired to Virginia in 2005.

We never lost touch with our good friends and former partners. Roger has attended all of the Shows before and since his retirement. Our OTSN, Inc. friends have always made us feel part of the family. That is why it felt very natural on all our parts for us to assume the running of the Show.

You will continue to see our good friends the OTSN partners at this and future Shows. Don has agreed to be our trusted co-pilot for the 2016 Show.

You will see some minor changes, such as the corporate ownership of the Show changing from OTSN, Inc. to Chicago Toy Soldier Show (CTSS), Inc. As ever, the Show is a family-oriented event. You will enjoy working with our family: Gillian Garfield, business manager; Graham Garfield, assistant Show manager; and Judy Mitchell, gate manager.

These and other small changes are intended to make the Show more efficient and enjoyable for you, our vendors and attendees. We pledge to continue to care for and perpetuate the heart and essence of the Chicago Toy Soldier Show, the oldest, and the largest, and, we believe, the best in our hobby.

The Show represents a tradition that has been created by the original OTSN partners and the hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees that have participated in the past 35 Shows.

If you have attended or participated in the past, welcome back. If you are new to our Show, you are in for an experience that will bring you back for years to come.